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Estate MOI

Memorandum of Incorporation of Ebotse Golf & Country Estate Home Owners Association

Registration No: 2005/001710/08

Estate Rules

Ebotse Home Owners Association (EHOA)
Rules & Regulations

June 2022

Architectural Guidelines & rules

The purpose of these design rules is to encourage individual creativity within a unity of materials and finishes to ensure that the overall development harmonizes and creates a balanced lifestyle for all residents.

Builders Rules & Regulations

All plans must be prepared by a Registered Architectural Professional and submitted for approval to the EHOA’s Architect. Only after the approval by the EHOA has been obtained can the final technical drawings be submitted to the Local Authority for approval.

Generator Policy

This policy and its associated rules and procedures have been developed to ensure that individuals wishing to install and use private generators do so in such a way that the impact on the estate from environmental pollution by noise, chemicals and particulates is minimised.

Golf Carts

The Board continues to receive complaints about the use of golf carts on the estate, and in contravention of the HOA rules. The HOA rules play an important role in attempting to reduce the potential of damage, injury and death. Please adhere to golf cart rules.

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June 2022